Cold-Hearted Songbird



Princess, not a brat. 

[Grins all proud like, what an idiot]

Are, eh… jeou an employee here?

Right.. So, little girl, then. *Sneers.*

I suppose we’re technically still employees here. Though, we pretty much run Harvest. All the normal people are gone, except those who get us food and medical shit.




Euh? Who’s this bitch? Thought all the shit-heads in these places were gone or dead.

Wow, rude. Zat isn’t anyway to talk to a Princess.

Apologize, or Ai’ll throw a fit.

Holy fuck, are you kiddin’ me? Hahahahaha

They’re going as low as hiring little brats now, or what?


Euh? Who’s this bitch? Thought all the shit-heads in these places were gone or dead.


The Sinister 5 by Love Manor on Flickr.


                                                      Do not

                                                                      I will

Give me an AU and I’ll tell you what my muse would be in it.


  • western!au = my muse is a cowboy
  • royalty!au = my muse is a princess
  • etc.


You know what, Mundus? You’re right. It wasn’t for mankind. It was…

it was for revenge.

please DO NOT assume that just because my character is doing something that i as the writer


  • approve of it
  • am romanticizing it
  • have a kink with regard to it
  • think it is okay for anyone to ever do ever

because sometimes my character does things that I absolutely cringe at and which are almost painful to write.

but my writing a villain does not make me a villain

understand that it is fiction and I do not condone the wrong actions that sometimes are written out on my blog for in-character purposes.



"Alright, good," He replied, still sounding concerned. "I’ll meet ya there then!" Jay hopped on the teleporter, poofing to Harvest.

"Yeah, I’m all right," the twitch in his leg that had come from the volt was already going, "I’ll see you in a second."

Just as well he was fast, and the base wasn’t that far off. It would take him a couple of minutes to get to the next one, but as promised, he was soon at Harvest, stepping out towards the RED territory to find the other scout. 

*There is a disturbance in the air.*